IPL-2 Core Isolated Perfused Lung System for Rat or Guinea Pig

IPL-2 is an ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) system designed for rat and guinea pig lung.

Guinea pig IPL preparations are preferred for inhalation studies while rat lungs, popular for use in pulmonary metabolism studies, are an ideal size for ease of preparation and cost-effectiveness. The system can be modified to accommodate mouse lung.

The IPL-2 core system contains all the primary equipment to accomplish basic perfusion and ventilation experiments, requiring only the addition of core options for ventilation. The core system can be initially configured with various system options or upgraded later as your needs change.

To ensure that your system is properly configured as a functional unit that meets your application needs, please complete our Checklist and contact Technical Services before placing an order. In Europe, please call +49 7665-9200-0 or email sales@hugo-sachs.de. For other regions, call 800-547-6766 or email support@hbiosci.com.

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