Cardiovascular Waveform Pump

The Cardiovascular Waveform Pump (former name Pulsatile Blood Pump) simulates the ventricular hemodynamic waveform of the heart. It features silicone rubber-covered heart-type ball valves and smooth flow. Only inert materials like silicone rubber, acrylate, and PTFE contact the fluid. The pumping head is easy to take apart and reassemble and can be sterilized. It can be used for circulating emulsions, suspensions, and non-Newtonian fluids such as blood. Actuation of the ball check valves will result in some hemolysis over time when using blood or blood cell doped solutions but acute use with these solutions in mock circulatory loops can be performed. Four different models are available with minute volumes of 1 - 200 ml, 10 ml – 2 L, 80 ml – 6 L, 150 ml – 10 L. It is ideal for testing flow circuits and medical devices that require ventricular hemodynamic flow morphology.

Tubing listed in the table below for connection to inlet and outlet pump ports. Other tubing formulations and sizes as well as connector kits are available.

We offer turnkey solutions to measure pressure and flow throughout your perfusion circuit. Please contact us for assistance configuring a setup that meets your experimental needs: email us at or call us at 800-597-0580. In Europe, please call +49 7665 92000 or email

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