Standard PHD ULTRA™ CP 4400 Syringe Pump

The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump is the first of its kind to allow operation under constant pressure or constant flow. Historically, the only means available to dispense at constant pressure has involved the use of various amplifiers and other accessories/software. The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump, when combined with virtually any commercially available pressure transducer/amplifier combination with 0 to 10 VDC analog output, results in a constant pressure dispensing system. This system can deliver fluids with an applied force up to 1,000 lb (depending upon the pump).

Using Harvard Apparatus syringe pump technology and software-controlled pressure monitoring, the PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump is able to maintain a user-defined system pressure ±2%. A user-adjustable sensitivity setting allows for the customization of the system response time necessary to attain the set pressure. The PHD ULTRA™ CP Syringe Pump allows the user to set pressures in the units of their choice including mmHg, kPa, and psi.

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